If His children won't stand in His defense, who will?

We can preach to the choir for support, but we must preach to the masses

to change their hearts and minds.  Here's action you can take NOW!

1.   Select and print any one of the fliers on this page to distribute  and post throughout your community.



Place a flier on every windshield in your church parking lot next Sunday. Repeat with a different message the next week.


2. Generously donate on the "Pass the Plate" page. Those funds will be used to take our message to nationwide media outlets including radio, TV, stationary billboards (our goal is to have 1,000 billboards across the nation...that's a 1,000 points of light! ), aerial billboards, print advertising, social media and more. This is where spreading His work gets expensive, so please donate what you can.

God's Original Design Ministry

John 3:14  "...so must the Son of Man be lifted up."

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